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Texas Big Truck and 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Houston, Texas is a transportation hub due to the convergence of several major interstate highways. Because of the greater size and weight of commercial motor vehicles, tractor-trailer collisions and 18-wheeler collisions can be devastating. 18-wheeler accidents often result in serious personal injury or death, significant medical bills, loss of vehicle, and loss of income.

Joshua Collum has family in the trucking business. He understands their obligations, and how these operators frequently attempt to avoid these obligations – to disregard the safety of others in an effort to increase their own bottom line. We know how to handle your truck accident, 18-wheeler accident, or tractor-trailer accident from the point of impact until the day justice is served. 

Too often, trucking companies and insurance companies try to take advantage of claimants. This can occur in a variety of ways, not the least of which is refusing to offer fair compensation for claims. Some who have suffered serious personal injury in 18-wheeler wrecks fall victim to gross injustice. These poor individuals are left not only struggling to recover from serious injury, struggling to financially support themselves and their families, but also fighting with a trucking company or insurance company about how a collision occurred, or the value of a vehicle, or even the value of a life. 

Texas truck accident attorney Joshua Collum knows the laws and regulations that govern the 18-wheeler industry. We will gather the evidence against the trucking company. Trip logs can be incredibly important in these cases. Many of the 18-wheelers on Houston, Texas roadways have electronic data recording capabilities. Knowing when and how to obtain this important evidence can be crucial to understanding what happened and developing a case against the trucking company. 

If the trucking company does not fairly evaluate your claims, or if its insurance carrier refuses to pay you the compensation that you deserve, Collum Law Firm, P.C. will work quickly to get your claims resolved – or try your case to a jury, if that is what it takes. If you have been in an 18-wheeler accident, call Collum Law Firm, P.C. at 346-954-4076. 

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